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Improv Workshops:

EveryBody, Yeah: Movement for Improvisers 

Do you feel Zoom-dependent and over-reliant on witty lines? In EveryBody, Yeah, we will take it back to body basics. We will use a Grotowski-method inspired set of exercises, which will help breathe new life into your scenes, whether on screen or on stage!

When to Say No: Emotional Self-Management in Improv

Have you had offers that breached your personal bubble, made you feel awkward or unsafe? As improvisers, we are human and awkwardness happens. We bring ourselves to the stage, and some bits are difficult or even painful. In this class we'll develop strategies for handling these moments both onstage and off.

Pour Your Heart Out, Keep Your Guts In: Improvising a Monologue

Do you dread solo moments on stage? Or do you find that too much of your own story sneaks into your characters? This class teaches how to imbue your monologue with meaning, without saying too much. Spruce up your storytelling!

Writing workshops:

A Song For Whoever: You Too Can Write A Song Parody!

Creating a funny song spin-off looks like magic, but in fact, it is pouring your own meaning into the container of a well-known melody. Come to the class to learn how to do this and where the comedy lives!

Poetry Workshops

Regular meet-ups with new prompts and writing ideas! More details coming soon.

Drag and performance

Want to create a compelling character? Figure out your act? Have a think about a particular number? Both Drag for beginners and Drag Surgery workshops are here for you!

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