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Rita's improv journey began in 2013, within Remy Bertrand's Imprology. Over the years, they trained with Heather Urquhart, Chris Mead, Deanna Fleysher, Joe Samuel, Monica Gaga, Stephen Davidson and many more. Shows include: Machine For Fools (Camden Fringe, Etcetera Theatre 2017), Behind The Scenes At Studio Mandelbrot (The Nursery Theatre, 2018), Neither (ongoing twoprov with Roderick Millar, since 2019). Rita is also a member of The Nursery Theatre performing ensembles (Narrative and Musical Theatre). Rita taught classes through The Nursery and Impromiscuous. 



Top left: Rita at Thursday Night Lights jam (photo by Bob Stafford). Top right: promotional image for Machine for Fools. Bottom left: Queer Improv after a jam.

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