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Day 9 #NaPoWriMo: What Is Easter For

what is Easter for?

I don’t know.

All hail, for He is risen

a thoroughly pagan festival

eggs as a symbol of life

a focus for spring cleaning

what is Easter for?

I don’t know.

Palm Sunday, flowers, processions

sugar lambs sold next to churches

water guns*, pranks and laughter

Easter breakfast and supper

what is Easter for?

I don’t know

I missed my Ryanair plane

too viral for it to soar

Maybe I’ll bake me a cake

and Zoom the family some more

Maybe I’ll clean the windows

for sunshine to come indoors

while I try

to figure out

what is this year’s



*in Poland, Easter Monday has a tradition of pouring water on other people. While it started as a village courting habit, if you *have* to leave the house on Easter Monday, I’d advise a water gun – it’s you against the world!

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