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New month, new plans!


As you might remember, historically time off is something that I struggle with. And this time I have an entire month, rather than a week of half-term which I can spend by burying myself in YouTube. I simultaneously want to rest and Do All The Things and because of that – I will do a bit of both.

Here is the plan: I wake up, drink water and take vitamins. I do a bit of yoga from a 30 Days of Yoga by Adriene. I eat porridge and have an hour of work on a Long Term Benefit Task (primarily my settled status in the UK); then 20 minutes of not-screen-time (walk?) and then another hour on Immediate Benefit/Current Task (this week cleaning and also lots of rehearsals for a gig in Bradford next Sunday!). After that revision of goals (hello, bullet journal, I’m enjoying you!) and LUNCH.

After lunch it’s time to have fun things – OR work, but with a clear understanding that it’s extra. I will also do a freewrite + gratitude journal (about 20 minutes). Tomorrow I will try and get into a pilates class, just to test the local gym, and maybe, just maybe, take a look at the local cinema!

Will this work? I don’t know. I’ll attempt 5 days, except Friday might be a bit different as I swim in the mornings. Weekends are a different beast, if only because I have some gigs planned that will require prep and potentially some rest after. I mean to revise things and change week to week if necessary, so I can adapt if I figure out a better way to do it.

But in general the plan is to do lots of work and have lots of fun in a semi-structured way – enough that I don’t get lost, but not enough to choke on it. A little test-drive of freelancing – can I work if I plan to, rather than when my job tells me to? If nothing else, I should get some stuff done and do some yoga, so can’t really go wrong here. I’m looking forward to the results. Wish me luck! 🙂

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