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#NaPoWriMo Day 4 – About British Gardens

The prompt had us look at Twitter bots and one of the was about British gardens! Plus an ironic conversation on the topic and here it is…:

You are in a British garden. Your

elbows are tidy. Tucked away neatly against

your mood, lies wonder. A good dog

on a leash. Won’t even sniff

at magnolias. You are in a British

garden. Everything here is British.

like Yorkshire tea, like tagine.

localities. Daffodils, marigolds

as it was foretold. Cherry petals

fall. You are the dirt.

negligible, necessary. You are in

a British garden. Isn’t she

lovely. Which Beatles song are you?

How is you just like me? How is

you, me, really. Mosquitoes buzz.

Peaceful, appealing. Apple trees.

Focus on that. Roses, posies.

Poppies. Haze. Who was I again?

Ah, right. A British garden. Cheers, mate.

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