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Hello Blog, I Missed You!

Hello, hello! Last time we saw each other,* I was making plans for August. Short update: my big task for August was Permanent Residency, but when I realised how hard it was going to be… I applied for Settled Status instead. So the big task finished very quickly, and as I haven’t had other plans laid out, I wound up doing lots of… cleaning.

My motivation to do work went down very quickly.

Noting against cleaning, but things just got boring! So the month of August ended up in a frustrating manner, because my plans for cleaning were more concrete than my creative to-dos – a lesson here. I did manage to do yoga 5 days a week, so that was cool.

Now it’s October and I have Other Things. Specifically:

I’m participating in a conference at University of Birmingham about East European artists and need to create my presentation;

I signed up to join a union and kind of have to ring them up to talk about my workplace;

Oh yeah – my workplace has new exciting plans to do more with less. Specifically for me to do all I do in less paid time and with a shorter lunch. Which is stupid. Which I said to them in an email except in 1500 words, so we will see how this goes.

I’ve played a drag gig and an improv gig this week and I’m feeling pretty good.

And I want to go back to writing but am struggling to get the time. Something about the fact that I spend most Sundays chained to the kitchen table, batch cooking for the week. I haven’t worked on my play since early August and I miss it.

Maybe I can buy some Sainsbury’s soup just for a week. Something’s gotta give.

Anyone have recommendations what to see in Birmingham? I’ll be in town for the conference…



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