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Day 30 of NaPoWriMo! It’s Time To Stop

Day 30 of NaPoWriMo. It’s been an adventure! I’m so happy to have done it. Such a great way of creating and sustaining a practice. Of course I couldn’t have done it without mates from Rhymes With Orange collective and general support of friends. I learnt a lot and had a place to put my unsettling quarantine feelings. So if you followed this journey and read my poems, thank you ❤️

it’s time to stop now.

won’t make a shovel from a broken limb,

relax white knuckles, wipe red eyes

there will be time enough to fight

breathe. soothe. find love in clean windows

tidy a corner. enough. soul is small

enormous cares about meaning and outfits and

dust. for now I’m a lizard on a rock

see you in the sunny spot.

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