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Day 3 of #NaPoWriMo: Corporate Fantasy

How does this poem happen?

1. NaPoWriMo.Net’s suggestion to get some words into a rhyme generator. (I used a word generator and then a rhyme generator, to double the randomness).

2. Fellow poet, Carl Burkitt, publishes poetry prompts on Instagram (@carlitogram). Today’s was “the slide went all the way to hell”.

Here goes:

the slide went all the way to hell.

the presentation wasn’t going well.

the main presenter was sharp as a whip

but crowd didn’t care for the cut of his jib

(although the idea was born in Korea

he tried to copyright it, the hypocrite!)

although the room was initially split

he proved beyond redemption, wouldn’t be acquit-

-ed when every particle of his article

was lifted from another’s. (CEO had a fit).

mid-presentation, his charms were dispelled

and the last sad slide, frozen and pixel-

lated, awaited as flustered, he mustered

a smirk as he left for professional hell.


slide hell2
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