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Day 27 of NaPoWriMo: About Age

Apples and Snakes prompted on Twitter to talk about my age and this happened: 33. I don’t know how to birthday. 30th was kind of perfection. Solo show first. In later years, I took bull by the horns and threw brunches, cooking up a storm, to listen to friends from different zones of life try hard. I don’t even know. I tried hard. 33. Jesus age, apparently. In the first 3 months of it. Used to rush in now I drag my feet. Trying to get better. The end can come in weeks, days. It was always so, but now you can bring death home from grocery store. I’m sat in sunshine do not pass go. Billionaires will get out of jail free. Never thought I’d see a day just like this. Me, 33. Not very good at it. who is

#napowrimo #napowrimo2020 #poetry

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