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Day 23 of #NaPoWriMo: How This Goes

I know how this goes

Social media – a slippery slope

Lots of information, keeps you on your toes

I know how this goes

I know how this goes

Someone trusted has once laughed at Snopes

And your friends are smarter than your foes

And you’re smarter than average Joe

I know how this goes

Bill Gates’ name will surely be invoked

When I question, an offended moue

A suggestion to read up – no more

You have research on YouTube to show

All the while my disengagement grows

I say “science” and you say “I know”

scary times, under a microscope

this is how, it’s such a human trope

tell a villain story and then stoke

all the feelings, reel them in, how broke

information, media system, go

try and fix it, fail, it’s too big, low-

key give up, pray we stop this – hope…..

do you know, do you also know

do y’all know how this goes

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