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Day 16 of #NaPoWriMo: Birds

This poem should probably be edited down, but I had so much fun with this freewrite, I’m posting the whole thing!


I wonder what birds make of us

We don’t sing for joy greeting the sun

rarely offer seductive solo dances to chosen mates

(not in public anyway)

what are they thinking, tweeting happily in the sky

like butter wouldn’t melt in their beaks

How do you process the world when 

with a flick of a feathered wrist 

you can reduce a threat to 

a ground-bound fleck of dust

Maybe birds think that crawling on the ground is good enough for us

they’ll deign to visit but never fully stay.

No wonder we were jealous.

They must have been perplexed about planes.


Birds used to be dinosaurs 

except they survived

I don’t know the science

I sometimes imagine pigeons

 wearing lizard skin

Cats are also jealous

they can’t lick their fur into wings

possess the gift of flight

by eating their enemies.


Wish I could melt into sunshine

and reassemble. Eat it

like a passion fruit mousse. 

Wish I could fly, wings noisy and sure

be my own current

steer through the air with a feathered tail.

Free to visit but not to stay.

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