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Selected projects



Plays, shows and acting

Rita has been involved in theatre since 2012, participating in showcases, acting in plays and writing them. They started writing to apply for Angelic Tales, the new writing festival hosted by Team Angelica at Theatre Royal Stratford East; their short play Girlfag premiered there. Currently, they are writing the play Five Dresses I Never Wear, which has been pitched to festivals; they have been shortlisted for Vault Five and the play was previously shown as a scratch at Camden People's Theatre. See the Theatre tab for more information.

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stand-up comedy, drag

Rita's first foray into stand-up comedy dates back to 2016. By 2017 they wrote their first comedy show, "Fuck It, I'm Thirty", which premiered at Camden Comedy Club. The second show, "F*cking European", was picked up for Stronger Than Fear Festival at Theatre Royal Stratford East. In 2019, Rita took a drag course, and drag character Janusz, Your Polish Boyfriend was born. To date Janusz performed at Migration Matters Festival in Sheffield (Dina Venue) and multiple London venues such as The Glory, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, The Clapham Grand, London Improv Theatre and more.

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improvised theatre and comedy

Rita started doing improv in 2015 and has been involved in multiple projects, including Stephen Davidson's Queer Improv team, Michael Such's Machine For Fools (Camden Fringe 2017), Harry Turnbull's Behind The Scenes At Studio Mandelbrot (The Nursery Theatre, 2018) and more. Rita is currently playing in an improv duo with Roderick Millar, called Neither (pictured). Rita's essay on improv and trauma was widely circulated and can be read here.

Songwriter and poet

spoken and sung word

Rita started writing age 7 and published a pamphlet "An Attempt" at age 15. In 2011, she started writing in English and after moving to London, began attending poetry slams. Rita belonged to a duo The Living Songbook 2014-17, fulfilling the role of singer and lyricist next to Kevin Plummer, composer/guitarist. In 2015 they were commissioned to write and perform for Humanimalism the musical (shown in Theatre Royal Stratford East - pictured). The same year they released an EP, which can be found here. They also wrote a song for Alberto Duman's Music For Masterplanning (full playlist here). In 2019-20 Rita belonged to Rhymes With Orange poetry collective, performing at their monthly themed poetry nights and online events (more here). 

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